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What will your legacy be? Work hard to please royalty and guarantee a bright future for yourself and your family. Mead Crafter is a lively casual game that serves match-three fun with a twist!

Start your career as a humble maker of mead, the delicious honey-based drink that has been popular throughout human history in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Click colorful icons to fill your customer’s orders for different types of mead flavored with various fruits and spices. Don’t forget to follow the recipe correctly and to place each order in the proper container! Earn coins every round to cover monthly rent costs or buy various skill improvements that help you grow your business. 

Can you keep up with new orders and master all the skills needed to become the official mead crafter for the Royal Family? Will you earn the coveted designation of “By Appointment to His Majesty the King”?


  • Gameplay that gets more challenging each turn
  • Colorful icons of mead containers and ingredients generate randomly to keep you guessing
  • Skill tree design allows you to try different strategies each time you play
  • Detailed game stats give you feedback on how to maximize your profits
  • Suitable for all ages


Downloadable for Windows​

  • Install Mead Crafter.exe
  • Craft one for us!


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    45 MB
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  • Tags
    match-three, casual, medieval, crafting, business-simulation
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  • Game Engine
  • Size45 MB
  • PlatformWindows
  • Tagsmatch-three, casual, medieval, crafting, business-simulation
  • GenreStrategy
  • Game EngineGodot
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Mead Crafter

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